Originally published on April 18, 2022 by UCI ICS. Written by Karen Phan.

Most university students would agree that the key to having a fulfilling college experience amid endless assignments and exams is finding balance. Balance might look like studying hard during weekdays and relaxing on weekends or learning to set boundaries so you don’t overwhelm yourself.

To Christian Bond-Flasza, balance looks like doing the things he loves: playing soccer and immersing himself in video games. Bond-Flasza, a computer game science student and four-year member of the UCI men’s soccer team, says his journey to UCI was unlike any other student’s.

Christian Bond-Flasza

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Originally published on Jan. 4 by UCI ICS. Written by Karen Phan.

Team members from tech startup Emerge.

Computer science major Evelyn Chin leads a team of interns to develop experimental solutions using frontier software and hardware at Emerge.

When various safety measures such as lockdowns and travel restrictions were implemented early on during the COVID-19…



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